BM TRADA Q Mark Accredited

BM TRADA Q Mark Accredited

BM TRADA Q Mark Accredited 1200 674 JAD Joinery

JAD FIRE are now fully 3rd party BM TRADA Q Mark accredited for:

  • Fire Door maintenance
  • Fire Door installation
  • Complete Fire Stopping solutions.

The important facts:

  • When firestop products are installed to the manufacturers installation instructions, tested and listed system specs, the installation and inspection services result in an installed firestop or fire-resistance-rated SYSTEM. These fire-resistance-rated or smoke-resistant assemblies play a big role in Building Resilience.

Firestopping, when included as part of fire-resistance-rated or smoke-resistant assemblies, provides:

  • Protection against the spread of fire and smoke within a building and from building to building.
  • Life safety protection for building occupants and the property end user.
  • Increased protection of property from fire and smoke damage and continuity of operations of the structure after a fire event.
  • JAD FIRE through JAD Joinery Ltd now offer the complete Fire Stopping package for your new project or existing building.

Get in touch now to explore how JAD can assist with your new and exciting fire control needs.

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